Can't Connect with Xero

Sometimes the connection to Xero gets lost (it is rare, but does happen).  When this happens you will see a Connect to Xero button when you log into uCollect.

Simply click the Connect to Xero.  Next you will be asked to log into Xero (if not already) and then prompted with a list of Xero ledgers that you have access to.  Select the one that you need to connect to (you can't change organisations - it must be the same one as last time) and click allow access.

If you can't reconnect from inside uCollect (often because it says that you are already connected) please do the following:

  1. Log into Xero and the ledger that is connected to uCollect
  2. Go to Settings (click on your org name top left), Connected Apps
  3. Find the uCollect entry (may be on next pages)
  4. Click Disconnect (and choose Other on the next screen).
  5. Go back to uCollect and log in to your entity
  6. Click the Connect to Xero button and follow the prompts again.

If this doesn't work please contact support to book a zoom support session.  Disconnecting uCollect and Xero does NOT delete any data in uCollect, and once you have reconnected you will continue where you left off!

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