Email Settings

We need to send emails to your customers from time to time (always with your consent).  The Email Settings section of the Edit, Organization Settings screen allows you to change the necessary options.

When we send mail we send FROM our mailbox with the REPLY-TO address as your address and the NAME as your name.  Here are the settings you can change:

  • Author Name: the from name we send the email from.  You could use a personal name or (even better) your business name.
  • Reply Address: this is the SENT-FROM or REPLY-TO (depending on your email configuration settings - see below) email address that the user will send to if they reply to the email message.  It should be something that they recognize.
  • Invitation email text: this is the email text that will be included in an invitation email or any other communication we male with your customers.

Email Configuration Settings

You can choose how email is sent to your customers.  Because we send a large volume of emails from our server that often look the same, it is easy for our messages to be labeled as SPAM when arriving in your customer's inboxes.  We know that you don't want that.  So we give you some choices on how we send messages:

  • Sent by us with you as the reply address.  This is the default method. These emails are delivered from our account with a sender email address of "" and your email as the reply-to address.  Messages sent using this method are the highest likely to be marked as spam.
  • Direct connection with Gmail.  You grant us direct access to you gmail account and we send these messages directly through your account.  These should have the lowest spam score.  You can only choose one account per organisation and the user setting up the connection must be able to log into the gmail account to authorize the connection.  We do not have access to read your email or change any settings, just to send email.
  • Direct connection with Outlook.  Same as for gmail above, but sends through your Outlook exchange account (not the email software also known as Outlook).
  • SMTP through your server.  We can send messages directly using your SMTP server using credentials you provide (you may need to check with your IT team to get these - we can't help you without them).  Only one outbound setting per organisation.

These settings only apply to messages we send to your customers for invitations or payment errors.  All messages that we send to you will be sent from our account as normal.

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