uCollect Status & Billing

The uCollect Status & Billing section of the Edit, Organization Settings screen allows you to manage your uCollect Subscription and Billing details.  These details are set when you first create your account but can be changed at any time afterward.

View from the setup wizard:

Here is a brief description of the available fields/functions:

  • Billing subscription: you can choose monthly, annual or bi-annual.   The change will be effective on your next billing date.  As covered in our Terms & Conditions, subscriptions are not refundable so we recommend that you start with monthly until your are comfortable that uCollect is exactly what you need.
  • Referral Code: If you have been given one by your accountant, bookkeeper or system integrator please enter it here.  If not, just skip it.  This is only available when the account is first created.  If you want to add a referral code after the account has been created please contact support.
  • Credit Card: You do not need to enter your credit card to start your free trial.  However you can only process payments if we have a card of file, so we highly recommend it.  Don't worry - we don't change anything to your card until the end of your trial and we send you a reminder 5 days before renewal.
  • Account Status: If everything is OK with your subscription it will show “Active.” If we do not have a valid credit card number on file then your account will be on hold and no collections will be processed until this is corrected. If you subscription renewal fails then give you 7 days to update your card details before we suspend your account. After 14 days we automatically delete your account. We attempt to send you emails daily to alert you to any issues.
  • Change Billing Credit Card: You can change or add a billing card at any time.
  • Next Billing Date: The next date that we will attempt to charge your card (if this date is in the past then your account is overdue and we are attempting to charge your card daily)
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