Authorized Users

The Authorized Users section of the Edit, Organization Settings screen allows you to manage who has access to your uCollect organization and what they can do.  The person who created the organization is always the first user (with administration rights), but they can be removed as long as there is at least one user with admin rights.

The screen lists all current users.  To edit (or remove) a user click the green pencil icon to the right of their name.  To add a new user click "+ Add Another User."

When adding a new user or editing an existing user you have the following options:

  • Name: This comes from the user's profile and can't be changed here.  If you have invited a user but they haven't yet completed their profile then this will be blank.
  • Email: The email address (and username) of the user.
  • Level: Choose either User or Admin rights for each user.  Admin rights allow the user to see the Edit Organization screen and make all changes.  Regular users can edit contacts and process payments.  If you are editing a user and want to remove them from the organization select Revoke Access.  They will be sent an email.  If this is the only organization that they have access to then their user account will be deleted.
  • Notifications: You can choose any (or none of the following)
    - Subscription Alerts - this user will receive reminders when your subscription is about to renew (each organization must have at least one user receiving these alerts)
    - Payment Alerts - this user will receive batch error reports or reminders to generate batches as necessary (each organization must have at least one user receiving these alerts)
    - Send invoice automatically - this user will receive an email with the subscription invoice attache as a PDF automatically upon renewal
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