Delete Organization

If you no longer need your uCollect organisation you may delete the account. You find this option at the very bottom of the Edit, Organization Settings screen

This action is immediate and irrevocable. While we can restore an account for a short time after it has been deleted there are likely to be issues the more time has gone past. We will ask you twice to confirm. 

Deleting your organisation will:

  1. Delete your billing card token and cease any future charges to your card
  2. Remove all organisation, contact and connected payment gateway data from our database
  3. Disconnect all authorized users from the account
  4. Remove any user account from uCollect if they do not have access to any other organisations.

Deleting the organisation will NOT:

  1. Delete or change your accounting system in any way
  2. Cancel any connected gateway accounts
  3. Remove customer data from your gateway accounts
  4. Cancel payments that have already been scheduled
  5. Remove uCollect's access to the accounting system (although we no longer store the token values required to do so)

To permanently revoke our access to your organisation in your accounting system:

  • For Xero users 
    • login to Xero
    • go to Settings, Connected App
    • find uCollect in the list of connected apps
    • click Disconnect.
  • For Quickbooks users 
    • From the left menu, select Apps then My Apps.
    • Select the Action ▼ drop-down menu, then Disconnect. Note: If you can't find Disconnect in the menu, select Settings, then locate the Disconnect button on the settings page.
    • Complete the short questionnaire.
    • Select Confirm Disconnect to remove the app from your company profile.
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