Manually Triggering Payments

uCollect specializes in the AUTOMATIC collection of your invoice based on PRE-APPROVAL from your customers.  So manual execution is not really something that we focus on.  We provide 2 ways to manually manage payments:

Pay Now Screen

For direct gateways that are eligible for Pay Now, you can use the Pay Now screen as a way to manually initiate payments for a single customer.  The best way to do this is:

  1. Set up the contact in uCollect as normal, then suspend the contact.
  2. Make sure that the Gateway is enabled for PayNow (Edit Organisation, select the green edit icon next to the gateway).
  3. When they approve you to charge them you can click on the PayNow link in uCollect (or install the Chrome Extension and click on the Pay Now link on the Xero invoice page) and choose to pay One or more invoices, using the payment details already on file.

Manual Process Now

When you run Actions, Process Now you have a few options on how to process the batch(es).  One of them is "Manual Invoices."  When you choose this method you get to manually choose which invoices or installments you want to include in the batch.  Any that you don't select will be excluded and available for the next batch (they are not suspended).  To use this method:

  1. Ensure that the contact is assigned to the gateway
  2. Ensure that the invoice you want to collect is available for collection (has reached it's due date)
  3. Go to Actions, Process Now
  4. In the appropriate Gateway choose the method "Select Invoices" and check only the invoices that you want to process.  Choose "None" for any other gateway that you don't want to process at this time.
  5. Click "Process all Selected Batches Now"

Here's a video walk-through:

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