Oops – our access to your Xero Ledger appears to have been revoked

Every now and then you may get this scary message when you log into uCollect.

This will happen in one of four scenarios:

  • The API access to uCollect has been revoked
  • The user who authorised uCollect leaves the Xero ledger
  • the Xero ledger has been cancelled or suspended
  • There is a Xero API outage or Xero is returning unexpected data to us

The last one is the most common and is usually temporary. If none of the first three reasons sound reasonable, and especially if you know that there is any form of issue with Xero at the moment, we recommend waiting a few hours and trying again.

There is no harm is trying to reconnect. If it still doesn’t work, or Xero doesn’t respond to the connection request, then you simply have to wait it out. It will probably come back online eventually.

If the problem persists for more than an hour AND you are able to access your Xero ledger normally in other ways then please contact support.

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