Please Enter valid Payment Gateway ID/Token (EziDebit)

Known Issue: When choosing a customer from the EziDebit list (or manually entering an EziDebit ID) the system says “Please enter valid Payment Gateway ID/Token”.

This can be caused by an internal EziDebit error when the address or cell phone digits are too long. Cell phone numbers have a 10 digit limit including country code (may effect some NZ numbers which have valid 11 digit phone numbers) – try deleting the cell phone number if yours is correct at 11 digits (EziDebit know of this problem but have no target date for fixing it). Address fields are limited to 30 characters – delete a few characters to stay within this limit.

This error message can also happen if the Digital Key is not valid in your Gateway Settings.  Go to Edit, Organization Settings, scroll down to Payment Gateways, click the edit icon next to the EziDebit gateway and then click Submit.  If you get an error here then your Digital Key may be incorrect.  Contact EziDebit Support to verify this.

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