Stopping Collection on a Contact

Sometime your customers want you to no longer debit their accounts.  When they notify you of this you should immediately take action.

If this is a temporary hold you can always suspend the contact.

To permanently stop collecting from a contact:

  1. Find the contact in the Search Contact list
  2. Click on the contact name
  3. Click on the Gateway tab.
  4. Click on the "Remove uCollect Data" button.

  5. Confirm your action
  6. Say Yes to also delete the data from the gateway (if asked - not all gateways have this option).

Now we will no longer monitor this client at all.

Removing uCollect data will:

  • Remove any unprocessed installments from uCollect
  • Remove all data we have stored about that customer (other than collection history) including payment tokens

Removing uCollect data will NOT:

  • Remove collection history (we store all collection history for 6 months)
  • Change any data in your accounting system
  • Cancel any collections that have already been sent to a gateway
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