No such PaymentMethod (Stripe)

Sometimes Stripe returns and error "No such PaymentMethod".  In most cases the card details in Stripe has been edited outside of uCollect and our stored payment method token is no longer valid.  To force uCollect to obtain the new card token follow these steps:

  1. in uCollect find the contact in the Search Contact Screen
  2. Click on the Gateway icon (filled in speech bubble) to get the to Gateway tab of the Edit Contact dialog
  3. Click Update link
  4. Click the "Enter ID" tab
  5. Click the Update button

uCollect will now refresh the data with that contact including the default payment ID.  You can now run Process Now, Pay Nor or wait for the next automatic cycle.

If the error persists then there is a problem with the payment data in Stripe (usually the payment ID has been deleted) and you will need to create a new payment method.

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