Windcave (Payment Express)

Windcave (sometimes known as DPS and formerly known as Payment Express) is a specialist merchant systems integrator and switching company, leading the world in transaction processing technology with its Windcave(R) suite of services.  Certified with 50+ banks globally, Windcave is internationally recognized as a leader in its field.  It is compliant to the highest global security standards, namely PCV DSS V3.0 and is a one stop shop for all aspects of electronic processing.  Windcave is a private New Zealand owned company with over 120 staff and subsidiaries in Australia, USA, UK and Singapore.

Creating your Windcave Account

To setup a Windcave gateway you first need to have a Payment Express account.  You need to ensure that your Windcave account is activated for BOTH PxPost and PxFusion for uCollect to work with it.

Before you can set this up you need to have an electronic merchant number with a participating bank/clearing house.  You can contact Windcave for assistance in getting this started.

Once your account has been setup you should receive a PxPost username and password and PxFusion username and key (4 items) from Windcave.

Setting up in uCollect

To set up your gateway in uCollect Add a new Gateway (Edit Organisation, or from the setup wizard) with the following details:

  • Gateway: choose the Windcave gateway.
  • Enter your PxPost Username and Password, and PxFusion Username and Password from Payment Express.
  • Calculate Commission/Fees on Settlement: This option is not appropriate for Windcave as most clearing houses are interchange+ and settle gross.
  • Pay Now: Windcave is eligible for Pay Now (and your customers can sign up for automatic collection).

For help on using the Gateway setup screen please see the help page.

We also recommend that you set the Number of days in advance ot initiate (under Edit Organisation, Organisation Profile) to 0 days.  As transactions are real time you do not want to initiate them before the due date.

Managing your Customers

When setting up your contacts in uCollect you have two options:

  • Enter ID.  If your customer has already been setup in Windcave you can simply enter the DPS Billing ID if you know it.  You can find it under Variable Billing, Billing Cards in the Payment Manager.  Unfortunately, Windcave does not give us the ability to give you a list of existing contacts, so you do need to look up the DPS Billing ID or re-create the customer.  When you enter the DPS Billing ID we validate it with Pamyent Express to ensure that it exists.
  • Create Customer.  You can click the “Create” link to add the details if they have not already been created in Windcave.  You still need to ensure that you have the correct authorisation to set up the credit card in uCollect.  We submit this data to Windcave which assigns a Billing ID.  We do not store the account details in uCollect – we only store the Billing ID from Windcave.

Managing your Collections

uCollect will automatically send collection requests to Windcave.  No additional involvement from you is required.  The response we get is a real time authorization.

Important note on currencies: While Windcave supports multiple currencies your processor may not. Furthermore, uCollect requires that all invoices sent through a gateway be in the same currency as the bank account that is used to settle that payment in your accounting system.  If you invoice in multiple currencies you should set up multiple gateways (one for each currency) in uCollect.  We recommend that you get in touch with us (live chat or contact us) for further assistance.

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