Collection History

The Collection History report shows you all the batches processed recently. 

For each batch we display the number of successful invoice collections and the number of errors.  The total always reflects the total of the successful collections.

From this screen you can:

  • View: You can view the detailed list of transactions that made up any of the batches.
  • Download: You can download any upload files that were generated in the last 48 hours.  If you need to regenerate a batch after 48 hours you should contact support.
  • Export to CSV: Exports the list to a CSV file.

We store collection data for 6 months.  Newest batches are shown at the top.  You can navigate pages to go back and forward through time.  If you are looking for individual transactions please click on the View button for the appropriate batch.  Don't forget that you can also view the collection history for a contact from inside the Edit Contact dialog from the Search History page.

Collection Details

When you click "view" from the collection history report you will get a more detailed list of the transactions that make up this batch.

If your gateway returns a transaction ID we will show it to you here, along with any error message received from your gateway or accounting system.  If you receive error messages we recommend that you search our help system for the error message before you contact us - as most errors cannot be fixed at our end.

From this screen you can:

  • Show Only Errors: Larger batches can be hard to work with - so you can click this button to exclude successful transactions from view so that you can work on dealing with the errors.
  • Export to CSV: Exports the list to a CSV file.
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