What Payment Processors do you support?

Most services simply force you to use the gateway service that they have chosen for you (for which they receive a cut).  But that’s not our model!  We believe in giving you choice where it is available – and this also means that we can service more countries.  To search for a list of gateway options in your country please visit this page.

Getting passed the Gateway setup screen is a barrier for many.  This is usually because people don’t already have a gateway and have no idea which one to choose.  Here are our recommendations:

  • United States & Canada
    • We recommend Forte Payments for ACH and credit card processing.  Forte’s monthly fees are very low and their credit card commissions are just above interchange.
  • New Zealand & Australia
    • It is hard (and/or expensive) for many businesses to get approved by the banks for Direct Debit or ecommerce Credit Cards (which is what you need for automated/on-line credit card payments).  If you are one of the fortunate few we can support you with our trading bank upload files (BNZ, ANZ, Westpac, Kiwibank and Fetch). 
    • However, if you have not been approved by the bank, we highly recommend EziDebit.  They can do both Direct Debit and Credit Cards and offer simple fee structures with no monthly fees and low minimums.  We’ve been partnering with EziDebit since the beginning of uCollect (and using them before this product existed).

Your preferred gateway or country not listed?

Don't panic!

We are evaluating new integrations all the time – but most of them are on a market demand basis.  If you country is not supported or your preferred gateway is not yet integrated feel free to use the Contact Us page to give us some details.  We’ll let you know if there has been enough interest and where we are in the process.

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