Xero Contact not showing up in uCollect

Sometimes you add a new contact to Xero and then pop over to uCollect and can't find it.

Your uCollect view caches the Xero content and invoice list when you log in, so if you have made changes in Xero since you last logged in to to uCollect then it can appear out of date.  Please note that this only effects your current view.  uCollect always works with real-time data when running your collection routine and for the Pay Now page.

So how do you get uCollect to show the most up-to-date data.  Logging out and back in again will fix it, but you don't need to do that.  From the Actions menu choose Reload Data.  This will refresh all our data from Xero.

Our unfiltered Search Contacts screen only displays Xero Contacts that are flagged by Xero as a customer.  Xero deems a contact a customer if an invoice has been issued to it.  If you are scrolling through the Search Contacts page and can't see the contact you want (and you have reloaded data) it is likely that Xero isn't treating it as a customer (you can test this from Xero's Contact page by searching the customer tab).  If you use our search tool we will display all contacts, even if they are not yet tagged as a customer by Xero.

Please note that we never include Archived contacts in our search.  You will have to restore them in Xero for us to display them.  Sometimes merging contacts can result in the one you want being archived as well.

if you've reloaded data and searched and still can't find please reach out.  We'll need to see your screen to be able  to diagnose the problem.

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