Changing a customer's card number

Customers need to change their card numbers from time to time (new cards issued, card expiry date changed, etc).  There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Xero users can use the Xero pay now screen to establish a new Automatic Collection profile.*
  2. Send them the Pay Now link from your your Search Contacts screen (right-click over the link and choose Copy).  This will take them to our Pay Now page where they choose "Automatic Collection".*
  3. From the Edit Contact dialog, Gateway page, choose Update (most gateways support this, but not all) and enter the new card details yourself (assuming you have them)
  4. From the Edit Contact dialog, Gateway page, choose "Remove uCollect data" and then send a new Invitation to the customer.

* assuming that you have enabled Automatic Collection in your gateway Pay Now settings.

Please note that you should NOT change the card details directly in Stripe as this will disconnect our payment profile and could result in collection errors.

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