How do I re-do a payment batch?

If you have run an upload batch but the batch was never actually uploaded to the bank, or had errors, you may need to reverse and re-do the batch.

If the batch simply had bank account errors when you sent it to the bank you can simply change the bank account number for the customer (for Xero users you do this in the Xero contact record) and then you can click the "Download" link in the Reports, Collection History page.  If the link is no longer visible you can use this URL: (replace XXXXXX with the Batch number).  There is no way to remove a payment from the batch after it has been generated (yet) so if you need to remove a collection then you will need to redo the entire batch.

To reverse and re-do a batch follow these steps:

  1. In Xero go to the bank account (account transactions tab) that the payments were processed in.
  2. Find and select all the payments in this batch and click "Remove & Redo"
  3. In uCollect suspend the contact(s) that you need to skip (remember to un-suspend them later)
  4. Go to Actions, Process Now (wait for a few seconds for the page to load - sometimes it appears that there is nothing happening)
  5. If more than one batch type is presented select "None" under the Method column for the batches you don't want run now.
  6. Beside the batch type in question make sure that you check the box under the "Allow reprocessing" option (otherwise all the payments will be rejected as uCollect shows that they have been processed previously).
  7. Click "Process all Selected Batches Now"

Note that this will include all invoices that are currently ready for collection, not just the ones that were in the earlier batch.  If you need to pick and choose what to process please use the "Selected" option under method to select the individual invoices you want to process.

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