NAB Transact

NAB Transact is an advanced business online banking system.  It offers more options than standard internet banking, including the ability to process credit cards.  We have created upload file formats that will work with NAB Transact.  API integration may come in the future (if you would like it, let us know).  If you are using standard internet banking then the Australian ABA file format may work for you.

Setting up NAB Transact

To be able to initiate Direct Debits or charge Credit Cards you need to be approved as a Direct Debit Initiator and/or have a Merchant Account with NAB.  Please contact your business banking manager to discuss these options and ensure that you are properly authorised and setup in Transact prior to trying to setup in uCollect.  By default, your NAB Transact account is configured for the Standard Batch Format. You will need to contact the NAB Transact Service Centre, on 1300 369 852 or by emailing, and ask them to activate the "Triggered" file format option.  You will need to know your NAB Transact Client ID (3 characters) and your NAB Transact Sub-Account (5 characters) before setting up in uCollect

Setting up in uCollect

To set up your gateway in uCollect Add a new Gateway (Edit, Payment Gateways, see other gateway options (at bottom of screen), + Add NAB Transaction Upload Credit Card/Direct Debit) with the following details:

  • Enter your NAB Transact Client ID (3 characters) and your NAB Transact Sub-Account (5 characters) in the "Payment Gateway Additional Data" section. If you are not sure what to include here please contact your bank for clarification
  • Leave the "Customer Reference No from NAB Transact" field blank
  • Calculate Commission/Fees on Settlement: This option is not appropriate for NAB Files.
  • Pay Now: NAB files are not eligible for Pay Now.  If you want something for PayNow please consider EziDebit.

You can also pre-set the defaults of the following values for all your customers:

  • Customer Name (Credit Card only).  This appears in the NAB file and possibly in your Internet Banking or bank statement.  You can use “[Contact]” (without the quotes) to have this pre-filled with the contact’s name from your accounting system.
  • Customer Transaction Reference.  This will appear on the other party’s bank statement.  You can use “[Invoice]” (without the quotes) to have this pre-filled with the invoice number (if more than one we list the first one and “etc”).

For help on using the Gateway setup screen please see the help page.

Managing your Customers

It is your responsibility to get the appropriate authorisation for Direct Debits or Credit Card charges.  uCollect does not assist in this process.  Please talk to your Business Banking Manager at NAB about the required documentation you need to obtain and (if processing credit cards) how to maintain PCI compliance.

All bank account and credit card numbers are stored in the NAB Transact system.  You must first create the customer in NAB Transact and note the "Customer Reference No". AAAAA, BSBBSB AAAAAAAAA).  

When setting up your contacts in uCollect you have to supply the following details:

  • Customer Reference No from NAB Transact.  This is the unique customer ID number from NAB Transact.  You need to create the customer in Transact before entering into uCollect.
  • Customer Transaction Reference.  You can use a fixed value or enter "[Invoice]" (without the quotes) to have the invoice number inserted.
  • Cardholder Name (CC only).  The name of the cardholder

Managing your Collections

  1. Every day we check your accounting system to see if you have collections that need to be initiated (we based this on invoices that are due or over due).
  2. If there are collections due for contacts assigned to the NAB gateway then we will send you an email asking you to log into uCollect.
  3. When you log into uCollect you click on the Generate Now link (or go to Actions, Process Now).
  4. uCollect will check again to see what payments are due for collection.  At this stage you can preview this list and suspend any invoices from collection (until further notice).  When ready you click Generate.
  5. uCollect will now generate the CSV file and download it to your browser.  If you have multiple payment dates (usually because you have set the “Number of days in advance to initiate”) or both CC and DD then we will prepare one file for each date/method.  We will also mark the invoices as paid in your accounting system.
  6. It is ESSENTIAL that you upload the CSV file(s) to NAB Transact right away.  If you fail to do so payments will not be initiated.

If you are away for a day and payments are due but you don’t generate the file in uCollect there is no need to panic.  Simply log back in the next day and any invoices that were due for collection will be included in the current batch.

Known Issues

No known issues at this stage.

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