Retrying Failed Payments

When you deal with pre-authorised debit transactions, failure is part of life.  uCollect is designed to retry collection until you are paid or we are told to stop.

Unfortunately, Visa has put in place new rules to penalise merchants who retry the same failed payment again and again.  Their new rules could result in additional charges if you attempt to charge the same card more 14 times in a month and the charge continues to fail.

So to help you manage this, we allow all Credit Card gateways to specify the retry frequency.

Here are your options:

  • Re-try every day for 7 days, then every 3 days (default) - after the first seven days your contact will have a retry date entered and no payments will be processed again until this date
  • Re-try every day for 14 days then suspend contact - after 14 days we will suspend the contact (you will be sent an email).  No more collections will be attempted for this contact until you unsuspend the contact, then the retry process will start again.
  • Re-try every other day
  • Re-try every day - warning: this may result in additional charges through your merchant account.

Once a contact has a failed payment they enter the retry system.  uCollect will determine the next retry date and will skip all collection attempts until that retry date.  There is no way to override this - all collections from this contact are skipped, not just the one that failed.  The Pay Now screen (if you have it enabled) will still work without restriction - so if the contact says that you can try again now that funds are available and you don't want to wait for the automatic process to try again then you can process through the Pay Now page.

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