Automatic Processing Time

uCollect will check on your organization once per day, at the time specified in your Organization Settings.

For Xero users the time zone comes from your Xero ledger and cannot be changed.  For Quickbooks users we set the time zone when the account is first created (if you need to change it please contact support).

We start by switching automatic collection to OFF.  You can switch it on by choosing a time.  To set or change the automatic processing time go to Edit menu, Organization Settings, Organization Profile section, Edit Organization.

When setting your uCollect Processing time consider the following:

  • Does your gateway have a cutoff time?  Ensure that you set your processing time at least one hour earlier than the cutoff time.
  • Do you need time to upload the file and get approval?  Maybe set your processing time in the morning so that you get notified before lunch that there are collections due so that you have several hours to upload and get approved by the boss.
  • Do you want to be able to respond to failures (such as credit card rejections) the same day?  Then set the processing time earlier in the day.

Please Note: When you create a new uCollect organisation we switch Automatic Collection off.  To switch it on you need to have entered a Credit Card for billing purposes.

You can stop uCollect from automatically processing transactions by choosing the Off entry at the top of the time list.  When you do this we will not process any automatic payment or send you any reminders that you have payments to process.  You should run the Process Now routine (from the Actions menu) to manually initiate collection.

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