The main menu is at the top of the screen on your desktop browser, or available by clicking on the 3 bars at the top right of the screen on a narrower device (the menu will appear on the left of the screen).

Here's a quick run down on what each menu does for you:

  • Organization Name: This menu lists all the organizations that you have been granted access to so that you can easily switch between them.  There is also the option to create a new organization.
  • Search Contacts: Takes you to our main screen where you can search for and manage your contacts and collection data.
  • Edit: User Profile: Change your name, password or email address.
  • Edit: Organization Settings: Change your organization settings including billing, users and gateways.  Available to administrators only.
  • Edit: Payment Gateways: Change your organization settings including gateways.  Available to administrators only.
  • Actions: Process Now: Initiate a manual collection cycle.  It's the same as the automatic cycle, but run on demand (in case you have added or changed something after the automatic routine has been run)
  • Actions: Reload Data: Forces a refresh of the data from our accounting system (we load it when you log in, so if anything has changed since it won't display unless you Reload Data)
  • Actions: Logout: Logout from organization that you logged in
  • Reports: Collection History: Shows you all the prior collection batches for the past 6 months
  • Reports: Upcoming collections: Shows collections that are scheduled
  • Reports: Installments: Shows you all the installments that are due in the coming month.
  • Reports: Subscription History: Shows you all the subscriptions we have billed you and allows you to download an invoice.
  • Reports: Email history: Shows all emails that are sent form organization
  • Help: Get help or access our knowledge base.
  • Logout: like it says...
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