Creating an Organization

An Organization (or ledger) is the primary working unit within uCollect.  Each organization is equivalent to one ledger in an accounting system.  Each organization requires a separate subscription.  It is not possible to run more than one accounting ledger from a single subscription.  We do not allow the same organization to be connected to uCollect twice.  The first user to connect uCollect to an accounting ledger "owns" that connection.  If you try to add a new organization in uCollect and we detect that there is an existing organization connected to the same ledger we will refuse and ask you to contact the other person.

To create an organization you will need to first have a user account.  If you are already logged in to another organization you can add a new one from your Organization menu.  Click on the organization name (top left of the menu) and then click "Add Organization."

If you have just created your user account your next step will be to connect to your accounting ledger.

Follow the prompts to log into your accounting system and select the ledger that you want to connect to.

Next, you need to complete some organizational data:

  • uCollect Ledger Name: This is the name that we will use within the uCollect system.  We default to the name from your accounting system, but you can change this to your legal or trading name if you see fit.
  • uCollect Processing Time: This is the time that we will run our automatic routine.  See our Automatic Processing Time article for more guidance on when to set this.
  • Region: We determine your country from your accounting system.  If we are required to collect Sales Tax in accordance with your local laws we may need to know your region, state or province.
  • URL for organisational logo: We may need to display your logo on the Pay Now screen or in emails we send on your behalf.  You can upload an image or give us a URL.  We will display your logo at 200px wide, so for best presentation we recommend that you save the file at 200px.

Finally, you need to enter some billing and subscription data:

  • Billing subscription: you can choose monthly, annual or bi-annual.  As covered in our Terms & Conditions, subscriptions are not refundable so we recommend that you start with monthly until your are comfortable that uCollect is exactly what you need.
  • Referral Code: If you have been given one by your accountant, bookkeeper or system integrator please enter it here.  If not, just skip it.
  • Credit Card: You do not need to enter your credit card to start your free trial.  However you can only process payments if we have a card of file, so we highly recommend it.  Don't worry - we don't change anything to your card until the end of your trial and we send you a reminder 5 days before renewal.

Don't forget to invite your existing users into the new organisation if you want them to access the account as well.

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