Organization Profile

Your organization profile is set when you first create the organization.

But there are more settings available in the Edit, Organization Settings screen.

Here is a brief description of each of the settings:

  • uCollect Ledger Name: This is the name that we will use within the uCollect system.  We default to the name from your accounting system, but you can change this to your legal or trading name if you see fit.
  • uCollect Processing Time: This is the time that we will run our automatic routine.  See our Automatic Processing Time article for more guidance on when to set this.
  • Region: We determine your country from your accounting system.  If we are required to collect Sales Tax in accordance with your local laws we may need to know your region, state or province.
  • URL for organisational logo: We may need to display your logo on the Pay Now screen or in emails we send on your behalf.  You can upload an image or give us a URL.  We will display your logo at 200px wide, so for best presentation we recommend that you save the file at 200px.
  • Contact Details: These are displayed on the Pay Now screen.  You can put HTML formatting codes in here if you need -  just make sure that it is properly formatted or it might break the Pay Now page.
  • API Key: This is needed if you want to use the uCollect Mapping API to automate some tasks.  Click the "Generate API Key" button to generate your key.
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