Setting up your contact for collection

There are 3 ways to get a client setup for auto collection in uCollect (depending on your gateway options):

  1. Send an invite (must be a direct gateway and have Pay Now setup)
  2. Send an invoice from Xero (must be a direct gateway and have Pay Now setup - see (Xero Payment Services setup instructions)
  3. Set up the profile manually (see below)
  4. Send a Pay Now URL (must be a direct gateway and have Pay Now setup)

To set up the profile manually follow these steps:

  1. Log into uCollect
  2. Search for the contact in the Search Contacts screen
  3. Click on the contact name or the Edit Contact icon
  4. Ensure that you are on the Gateway Tab
  5. Select the Payment Gateway that you will be using (if you only have one it will be pre-selected)
  6. Complete the setup information requested.  This will vary by gateway.
  7. Click Submit

If you are setting up a Credit Card you will need to enter the data onto this screen.  Please note that uCollect does NOT store the Credit Card data.  It is submitted to the gateway and turned into a token.  You are responsible for PCI compliance relating to the storing of the card number at your end.

For Xero: If you are using an upload gateway (such as Australian ABA file or NZ Bank Direct Debits) you need to store the bank account number in the Xero contact into the FIRST field of the Batch Payments area in the contact record.  Do not include any additional information in this field.  We can't read any additional data such as Bank Account Name, Details, Code, Reference etc. that Xero display - just the account number.

It will be displayed in uCollect for informational purposes (not store in uCollect) so that you can verify that it has been stored correctly.

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