offers credit card merchant accounts and eCheck processing. charges 2.9% + 30c per credit card transaction, and 0.75% per eCheck.  $49 Setup, $25 monthly and minimum fees apply.  Settlement is in 2-4 working days.

Creating your Account

To setup an account please visit and complete the application form (click on “Sign Up Now”).

Once your account has been setup you should receive the API settings from  We need the API Login ID and API Transaction Key.  You will need to enter these when setting up your gateway in uCollect.  Click here for instructions on how to get your ID and Key.

Please also go to (in your Interface) Accounts, Settings, Payment Form, Form Fields and uncheck the Required box for "Card Code" and “Bill to Name”.  If you leave this checked it will create Card Code Required error messages.

Finally, you need to activate the Customer Information Manager option in the Tools section of

Setting up uCollect

To set up your gateway in uCollect Add a new Gateway (Edit, Payment Gateways, See other gateway options, + add, or from the setup wizard) with the following details:

  • Gateway: choose the gateway.  There are two options – one for credit card and one for eCheck.  If you want to accept both please set up each gateway separately.
  • Enter your API Login ID and the API Transaction Key that you have received from  The same credentials should be used for eCheck and CC if you use both.  Your API Login ID and Transaction ID can be obtained/created by logging into you account and going to Account Settings, API Credentials & KeysMore help is here.
  • Calculate Commission/Fees on Settlement: This option is good for please enter the % and $ per transaction that will be deducted from the settlement.  We can not handle the monthly, gateway or minimum fees in this process.
  • Pay Now: Both eCheck and Credit Card options are eligible for Pay Now (and your customers can sign up for automatic collection).

For help on using the Gateway setup screen please see the help page.

Managing your Customers

When setting up your contacts in uCollect you have two options:

  • Select Customer.  If your customer has already been setup in you can simply select them from the drop-down list.
  • Create Customer.  You can click the “Create Customer” link to add the details if they have not already been created in  You still need to ensure that you have the correct authorisation to set up the credit card/bank account in uCollect.  We submit this data to which assigns a ID number.  We do not store the account details in uCollect – we only store the ID Number from

IMPORTANT NOTE: The system holds ACH and CC data in the same dataset.  We can not tell whether will use ACH or CC based on the payment profile supplied to us by  The customer list available in the drop-down list includes BOTH types (if applicable). allows multiple payment profiles to be loaded against a customer profile.  It does not tell us if any of these are invalid.  Therefore, we ALWAYS use the most recent payment profile when submitting payments.  You can not choose the payment profile.

Managing your Collections

uCollect will automatically send collection requests to  No additional involvement from you is required.  The response we get is a real time authorization.

Important note on currencies: For US-based users all transactions are treated as USD, and Canadian-based users all transactions are treated as CAD.  DO NOT try to settle invoices in other currencies as they will not be handled correctly. Furthermore, uCollect requires that all invoices sent through a gateway be in the same currency as the bank account that is used to settle that payment in your accounting system.  If you invoice in multiple currencies you should set up multiple gateways (one for each currency) in uCollect.  We recommend that you get in touch with us (live chat or contact us) for further assistance.

Known Issues

If you are using the Anti Fraud Detection Service to hold selected transactions for approval after capture then uCollect does NOT receive a success code from and will treat these as failed.  We are working at changing this so that we treat the transaction as a success.  If you subsequently void the transaction then you will need to manually remove the payment from your accounting system.

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