Payment Receipts

In uCollect you can automatically send payment receipts/confirmation emails to your customers.  These receipts are sent shortly after the payment is processed.  At present we only send receipts from our automatic or Process Now routines, not Pay Now (customers receive confirmation on the screen when they use Pay Now).

The receipt will look like this:

Your logo and contact information (from your Organisation Settings) will be displayed in the email.

To enhance deliverability of your receipts (and all customer email messages sent by uCollect) we recommend connecting uCollect your Gmail, Outlook or SMTP server or setting up DKIM & SPF settings.  You can find out more on our Email Settings page.

Switching on Receipts

You can turn receipts on or off for a specific customer by editing their profile.

  1. Click on the Edit icon in the Search Contacts screen
  2. In the Gateway tab click the toggle button for "Automatically send receipts?"
  3. In the next field, "Email to send receipts to:", choose from:
    1. "Email address from Xero/Quickbooks Contact Record" if you want to use the contact information from your accounting system 
    2. "Manually Entered" if you want to enter an email address directly in the field below.

You can see whether receipts have been activated for any customer from the Search Contacts screen. A green receipts icon shows that receipts re active and a grey one means not activated.

You can set this as a default in the Gateway settings. If selected, all new contacts assigned to the gateway will be automatically activated to send receipts using the accounting system contact address. When you set this default you will be given the option to activate all current contacts assigned to this gateway.  This way you can switch it on for everyone at once.

When we send a receipt to accounting system contact address, but it is not present, we will send you an email.  We will not send any more receipts to this contact until you add an email address.  The icon in the Search Contacts screen will be red to indicate that there is a problem.

Please note that some payments are not made in real time.  We send the receipt when we process the payment.  If a non-real time payment subsequently fails we may send failure notice and remove the payment from the accounting system (depends on the payment gateway).

You can Manually send a receipt for a prior payment in contact history tab

 the receipt status of that transaction will be displayed from the Collection History details page.

You can Send receipts for Pay Now payments also.

You can be able to customize the receipt by OrgPG by clicking on edit content button

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