Suspending Collection for a Customer

Sometime your customer need to take a break.  Whether it's just a short-term cash flow issue or a dispute, there are times when you need to stop all collections for a bit.  You can easily suspend the contact from collections.

To temporarily stop collecting from a contact:

  1. Find the contact in the Search Contact list
  2. Click on the contact name
  3. Click on the Contact tab.
  4. Set the "Collection Status" option to Suspend (for stopping all collections) or "Installment only" (will still allow scheduled installments to be collected but not whole invoices without an installment plan)

  5. Click Submit

Now we will no longer monitor invoices for this client at all.

Suspending a contact in uCollect will NOT:

  • Delete the payment profile
  • Remove collection history (we store all collection history for 6 months)
  • Change any data in your accounting system
  • Cancel any collections that have already been sent to a gateway

If this is a permanent hold you should Remove the uCollect data for this contact.

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