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rom the Search Contacts screen you can click on any contact and see the settings for that contact, or configure that contact for auto collection.

If a contact has not been assigned to a gateway you can view the contact data, current invoices and history.  You can also assign the contact to a gateway on the Gateway tab.

There are four tabs in this screen:

Contact Tab

This screen displays data from your accounting system.  To change this data click on the link at the bottom to open this contact in your accounting system.

If this contact has been assigned to a gateway you can add a comment and choose the collection status for this contact:

  • Automatic: All eligible invoices for this contact will be included in the automatic collection and Process Now routines.
  • Suspend: This contact will NOT be included in the automatic collection and Process Now routines.  Pay Now will continue to be available if applicable.
  • Installments Only: Only invoices for this contact with installment plans will be included in the automatic collection and Process Now routines.  Invoices without installments will be ignored.  Pay Now will continue to be available if applicable.

Gateway Tab

This tab configures the payment gateway that will be used for collections from this contact.  If the contact is not assigned you will see a drop-down list:

Select the desired gateway and continue to the gateway options.  If you only have one gateway the list will default to that option and display the options below.  It can look like everything is set, but the data is not stored until you click submit.

Gateway options may change depending on the gateway.  Please see the Payment Gateway Settings page for details.

Invoice Tab

The invoice tab lists all unpaid invoices from your accounting system for this contact.  

If the contact is assigned to the gateway you will be able to Suspend an invoice (preventing it from being included in automatic collections" and add installments.

If you have filters set you will see an indication of whether the invoice is expected to pass the filter (this may be out of date if the filter was edited since we last reviewed it, but will always be processed correctly).

History Tab

The history tab shows you all activity for this contact in the past 6 months.

You can click on a batch number to show the detailed collection history screen for that batch which will show the full error message.

Authorization Tab

The Authorization tab shows you the history of setting up or authorizing this contact for collection.

You can create a PDF copy of the authorization event by clicking the green "Generate" button.

Automatic Payments Tab

This tab allows you to set up Automatic Payments.

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