Setting up Ezypay

Setting up uCollect

If you are already an Ezypay user please contact Ezypay Support to get your account activated for uCollect.  If you are not yet an Ezypay customer please create your account here first.  Ezypay will send you your Username, Password and Merchant ID which will allow you to setup uCollect account.

uCollect will connect with Xero or Quickbooks Online, and this account should also be in place and working before starting work with uCollect.

To get the uCollect account setup:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address - you will receive an email to validate your email address, click on this link
  3. Enter your name and password
  4. Click to connect to Xero or Quickbooks and select the accounting ledger you want to connect to (this cannot be changed later)
  5. Complete your account setup questions and billing data (your card is not charged until the end of your 30 day free trial)
  6. In Step 2 select Ezypay Direct Debits or Ezypay Credit Card
  7. Enter your API credentials and other options as follows:
  • Username, Password and Merchant ID - supplied by Ezypay support
  • On notification of a failed payment… (DD only) - Reprocess in selected day (recommend 7 days)
  • Who should we notify… (DD only) - Both
  • Bank Account - choose the bank account from your accounting system that the funds are deposited into
  • Number of days in advance - 0
  • Payment reference - CC (or DD)
  • How should we handle multiple amounts - Group them together…
  • Calculate Commission/Fees on Settlement - unchecked for now
  • On-Charge Fees to Customers? - check if you want customers to pay a surcharge and complete the calculation for fees to be added ON TOP of the invoice collection total (if Ezypay is adding fees at their end this should be unchecked)
  • Make available as a Pay Now option - checked
    • Description for Pay Now Service - Credit Card (or Bank Account Direct Debit)
    • Eligible for - recommend the default “One-off and Automatic Payments” (talk to uCollect Support if you want to discuss the way these options work)
    • Send admin an email - check (recommended)

Integrating with Xero for handling One-Time payments

To integrate uCollect with Xero’s Pay Now page follow the instructions here:

When you send an invoice from Xero to the customer and they click the Pay Now button it will direct them to uCollect’s Pay Now page which will allow then bring them to Ezypay’s page.

Once the payment is processed uCollect will post the payment to your accounting system.

Please note that Direct Debits are not available as a Pay Now option - only Credit Cards.

Quickbooks does not offer Pay Now integration (see below).

Setting up customers for automatic collection

There are three ways to set up a customer for automatic collection:

1 Connect to Xero’s Payment Services

To integrate uCollect with Xero’s Pay Now page follow the instructions here:

In your uCollect gateway settings (Edit, Organisation Settings, Payment Gateways, edit the selected gateway) ensure that you have chose Pay Now, Eligible as either “One-off and Automatic Payments” or “Automatic Payments only.”

When a user clicks through the Pay Now button on their Xero invoice they will have the option to select a one-time payment or setting up automatic collection.

2 Send an Invitation

From the uCollect Search Contacts screen click the envelope icon to the right of the contact.

Enter/edit their email address and choose the gateway(s) that you want invite them to choose from.

This will send them an email with a unique URL that will allow them to setup a customer profile in Ezypay.  If the customer has overdue invoices in the accounting system they will be prompter to collect these up front as well.

3 Enter details manually

This option is for the merchant administrator to enter details from a paper form or if the customer is on the phone.

From the uCollect Search Contact screen, click the empty speech bubble to the right of the contact.

Enter their details and click submit.

If you already have a customer created in Ezypay use the Select tab to find them in the list or the Enter ID tab to enter their Ezypay ID number manually.

Getting Paid on Automatic Collection

Please check your Automatic Collection processing time settings under Edit, Organisation Settings, Organisation Profile section, click Edit Organisation).  You should set your automatic time no later than 11am if you want them processed same day.

Once your contact is setup for automatic collection you don’t need to do anything other than create invoices in your accounting system. You can tell that a customer is setup by looking at the speech bubble in the Search Contact screen (it is filled in and displays the gateway name):

Each day uCollect will check your accounting system and initiate collection against the stored customer payment profile for any customer with invoices that are due or past due.  The default time is 2pm in your time zone (merchant can choose to have a different collection time by going to Edit, Organisation Settings, Edit Organisation).

Ezypay invoices (collection requests) are automatically created.  If the request is successful the invoice is marked as paid in the accounting system.

At present uCollect will collect ALL invoices for a nominated contact.

If you want to have more control over what is collected check out:

Failed Payments

Credit card results are real time.  If a scheduled credit card payment fails it will be automatically tried in the next automatic cycle.

Direct Debit payments may fail several days after initial processing.  Ezypay alerts uCollect when a DD payment has failed after initial processing.  The handling method for this is specified in the gateway settings.  Merchants can choose:

  1. Do Nothing - the payment will remain in the accounting system
  2. Suspend Invoice - the payment will be reversed in the accounting system and suspended in uCollect so that no further payment attempts are made automatically.  You need to use an Installment plan to restart collection.
  3. Re-process in selected day (up to 10 days after) - the payment will be reversed in the accounting system and the invoice will have an installment plan to re-process it in full x days later (based on the settings)

In addition, the gateway settings allow for an email to be sent to the Merchant Admin, Customer or both to let them know of the failed payment.

Getting help with your Ezypay payments

If you are having difficulty with payments that we have processed through Ezypay, settlement of funds or problems with your Ezypay account please contact Ezypay support directly.

Notes for Quickbooks Online users

QBO does not allow access to it’s Pay Now page, so we recommend that you switch this off.  uCollect offers a Pay Now URL that you can include on your invoices, statements and emails that will allow your customers to get to our Pay Now page.

Known Issues

The Ezypay "pay now" link for failed payments should be switched off in your Ezypay settings account (it should be off by default).  This can create duplicate payments that will frustrate your customers and your bookkeeping.

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